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    Pest Control Preston

    Harvey Environmental Services are committed to delivering expert pest control services across the Preston area and the North West.

    Whatever pest problems you are dealing with, our local technicians will combine their years of experience with the latest in pest control technology and techniques to tackle anything from seagulls to squirrels.

    We provide safe and humane pest control solutions for customers in both domestic and commercial environments, all of which are verified and approved by the British Pest Control Association.

    What Services do we offer?

    When it comes to pest control in Preston, no two jobs are the same, and the pest control expert who deals with your pest problem will be fully trained to select the best possible treatment method for your situation.

    Some of the most common pest control services that we offer include:


    Rodent Control

    No pest infestation is nice to find but for many, discovering a rodent problem is the most disturbing.

    Preston is home to a number of rodent pest species with rats and mice becoming increasingly common in properties close to the River Ribble in recent years.

    Harvey Environmental Services are a leading provider of pest control solutions for rats, mice, and squirrels, and our rodent control service will have your property pest free in no time.

    How to get rid of rats and mice

    Rats and mice spread disease, contaminate food, bring fleas inside your property, and can cause a serious fire risk and property damage by chewing through almost anything, including electrical wires.

    The most common species of these rodents which infest properties in the Preston area are brown rats and house mice, but rarer species such as the black rat can also pose problems.

    These rodents often choose to live near humans due to easy access to food and shelter. This means that ensuring food is stored in sealed containers and ensuring that more obvious access points are sealed, are easy ways to help deter them.

    Unfortunately, mice especially can get through extremely small gaps as small as 5mm wide so eliminating all possible access points without the help of a pest control professional is almost impossible.

    Our pest control technicians deal with rodent problems on a daily basis and will use a proven combination of rodenticide, traps, and prevention measures to completely eradicate your rodent infestation.

    Insect Control

    Insect infestations may not be as physically large as rodent or pest bird infestations, but they are just as dangerous to public health and can be challenging to get rid of.

    Some of the most common insect species we deal with are:


    Finding a wasp nest in your property is a disturbing experience and the natural reaction is to try and remove it as soon as possible.

    Removing a wasps nest can be very dangerous, however, as if you fail to contain it the wasps inside will attack and you may receive painful stings.

    Our technicians can remove wasp nests safely and quickly without putting you, your family, or your staff at risk.


    Flies are annoying to live and work next to, carry nasty germs, and can cause your business to fall foul of food hygiene regulations.

    We will provide you with an extensive fly prevention service including traps, screens, and expert advice.


    One of the most disgusting insects to find in your property, these insects are prolific disease spreaders.

    Not only can they cause health problems at home but a sighting in your place of business can cause a huge blow to your reputation and put off future customers.

    Their tough exterior means that only expert treatments will eradicate these pests at all stages of their life cycle so you should always seek professional advice to deal with an infestation.

    Other insects that we deal with on a regular basis include ants, bees, carpet beetles, fleas, and bed bugs which will all be removed using proven techniques such as insecticides, heat treatment, and fumigation.

    Pest Bird Control

    Pest birds can be a real nuisance when they choose to roost too close to your home or business.

    Pigeons and gulls are particularly troublesome, with their toxic waste spreading dangerous pathogens, damaging the aesthetic of your property, and even eroding stone and metal surfaces over time.

    We offer a range of bird proofing measures to help tackle your bird

    Bird Proofing - Netting, bird spikes, bird wire, gels, and Avishock:

    Commercial Pest Control Preston

    Pest problems can be a nightmare for businesses in the Preston area, but we are here to help

    Pest infestations cause a range of health and safety issues, and a prolonged pest control problem can cause a loss of reputation, expensive property repair costs, and even potential fines that can be difficult to recover from.

    As well as tackling existing pest infestations at your business, Harvey Environmental Services will provide a range of pest prevention measures and advice for how to deter pests from entering your property in the future.

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    For pest control solutions anywhere in the Preston area, from Bamber Bridge to Walton Le Dale, contact Harvey Environmental Services today by phone on 01282 866 554, or by email at

    Our expert team will be happy to provide more information on any of the treatments we offer, including free quotes and advice on your best way forward.

    They will then ensure that a technician visits your property as soon as possible to conduct a full survey and help create a bespoke treatment plan for your pest control needs.

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