Cockroaches are extremely resilient pests; you’ve no doubt heard the story these 300 million-year-old insects would be the only survivors in a nuclear explosion.


Truth or myth, finding one, or multiple cockroaches within your business is of great cause for concern.

Known carriers of diseases such as salmonella, dysentery and gastro-enteritis, exposure to the pest can come with significant health risks; especially within food environments.

Their tough exteriors, coupled with an ability to breed rapidly means a quick, professional response to cockroach issues is essential, as only expert products and treatments are powerful enough to eliminate all the stages of their lifecycle.

Cockroaches – especially German Cockroaches – can be introduced to commercial premises with deliveries from infested sites and even with people, so it pays to be super vigilant if you are involved in the food industry.

Prevention is, of course, always better than cure, so we always seek to advise on ways to stop cockroaches entering your premises where we can.

But if you suspect cockroaches have already moved in, you shouldn’t delay in taking professional action.

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