Pests in Food Processing

Pests and food are a disastrous combination; no one wants to think their meal has been touched by rats, mice, bugs or cockroaches.

Pests in Food Processing

Whether your business is in food service, processing or manufacturing, having a solid pest control plan in place is essential to ensure the health and safety of the whole supply chain.

It comes as no surprise that pests carry a wide range of diseases that can cause harm to food handling staff as well as the end consumer. We’ve all seen shock stories of a rat’s body parts found in a loaf of bread, and the killer spider found in a bunch of bananas.

And news of restaurants being closed down for failing to deal with pest infestations are commonplace every day. It can be prevented.

It is our job to help food businesses prevent such risks through a robust pest control management strategy.

Failure to take pest control seriously can lead to substantial fines, waste of stock and products, loss of reputation and ultimately, potential closure of your business. Can you afford to take this risk?

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