Pest Control

Our team of pest controllers can help quickly remove unwanted pests from commercial premises and keep them out.

Pest Control Overview

Clients can rest assured they are in the hands of a quality, accredited pest controller and, by adhering to the pest control measures we advise, can be confident that they meet all health and safety legislation for both their staff and their customers.

Whether your issue is mice, rats, flies, wasps, birds, cockroaches or other, we are a British Pest Control Association accredited member, here to offer our expert advice and guidance.

There can absolutely be no margin for error when it comes to pest control. Failure to prevent or tackle pests on your premises can lead to staff or customer illness, a bad reputation and potential closure.

Pests are always looking for that opportunity to access food, warmth and shelter and it only takes a gap in the wall or a few crumbs of food to entice them in.

Good housekeeping practices within the internal and external bounds of your premises will certainly help, but this must be coupled with regular inspection and monitoring from a professional pest controller, working closely with a nominated person within the business.

The sooner a problem is discovered, the quicker a solution can be made.

All BPCA members:
  • Are suitably trained and qualified experts who are committed to Continuing Professional Development and have been subjected to BPCA audit and assessment processes to ensure their services are delivered to the highest standards
  • Adhere to industry Codes of Best Practice
  • Ensure staff, customers and members of the public are protected
  • Are able to give you detailed advice on future pest prevention measures and provide comprehensive reporting systems covering all treatment aspects

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