We’re hiring!

We’re hiring!

Are you under 5 foot tall, quiet as a mouse, crackers about pest control and have a love of cheese? Then you could be just who we are looking for to join our growing team of mouseketeers.

With an increasing number of rodent infestations across the UK, we have identified a need for a team of small employees to effectively tackle the problem.

We take great pride in offering our customers the best possible service and all of our technicians hold the industry recognised Advanced Pest Response Implementation Licence, which we will support new employees with achieving.

Our new smaller team will be able to tackle infestations of small rodents or pests in an innovative way by squeezing themselves into small spaces to coax the pests into traps and by looking at premises from a different angle and thinking how rodents could get into a property from the perspective of a small creature.

Harvey Environmental Services specialise in working with businesses in the hospitality industry to protect their reputation and brand to comply with legislation and protect the health of customers and staff. We work with a number of high street food brands across the UK, offering a pest control and washroom services offering.

One client, Aprile Scemo, manager at Pinnochio’s, said:“It’s essential that all of our restaurants are kept squeaky clean to prevent any food hygiene issues. Some of Martin’s ideas are crackers but if his new recruitment campaign can help our premises to maintain outstanding levels of cleanliness then we are happy to support it. We are excited to see the innovative methods of pest control and prevention his new team of smaller employees will use.”

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