We are fearless warriors!

We are fearless warriors!

We are fearless warriors! 

To become great warriors of the future, Harvey staff learned from warriors of the past at an excellent East Lancashire Chamber event.

Facilitated by Sarah McDowell from The Leader Centre, this Way of the Warrior Training Day was designed to push delegates out of their comfort zone.

Members from our team joined fellow Lancashire business people to learn from great warriors of the past and were encouraged to question what rites of passage, what philosophies and what mind sets might we use to solve some of the challenges we face today.

The event began with delegates gaining an understanding of the lives of four great warrior tribes;

Maasai, Maori, Samurai and Native American. By learning about their culture, food, ways of war, philosophies and way of life, delegates then decided which warrior they most felt an affinity with and worked to get to know that warrior better.

They were then asked to reflect on their own ways of working at a time in history when we face some of the greatest challenges known to man, including:

  • Climate change
  • Destruction of nature
  • War
  • Wealth inequalities
  • Significant rise in mental health problems

This self-reflection exercise was designed to help delegates get to know themselves better; how they think, how they make decisions, what’s important to them and what they like and dislike.

In the final exercise of the morning delegates got to know the philosophies of their chosen warrior and then created their own philosophies for life based on the philosophies of their warrior.

Delegates then took to their feet to learn the Maori ceremonial dance, the HAKA, which is performed by men and women to welcome guests, to celebrate great achievements and to prepare for battle.

Once they’d had fun learning the HAKA, they competed with the 3 other teams to see who could be the most fearsome!

Steve Crowley and Neil Sharp – Service Team Leaders from Harvey Environmental said: “It was a really thought-provoking and fun day and we each took some valuable lessons away with us.”

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