We’re watching you 24/7

We’re watching you 24/7

We’re always striving to increase our offer to customers, which is why we have introduced infra-red technology to our offer.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it; a lot of pests are most active at night when no one is around to disturb them, so why not try catch them in the act?

Infra-red cameras are designed to see surface-level infrared radiation – radiation that we feel as heat and which comes from objects emitting heat, such as pests.

These cameras are very sensitive and can locate heat sources that no one would otherwise notice.

It means we can gather information from a site at the other side of the country, which would otherwise take us hours to drive to, plus it enables us to capture the offending creatures on camera; if we were to arrive and disturb they’d be off quicker than a flash!

Is this going to start taking the place of on-site inspections, not at all. It is simply an effective way to detect things that move around at night when no one is around and adds an extra layer of compliancy for BRC auditing purposes.

Want to speak to us about this service? Call: 01282 866 554

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