The value of long service

The value of long service

As a business owner, low staff turnover should be very important to you, but how often do you ask your suppliers about their staff turnover rate? The answer is probably not very often, but it should be a key consideration for you when choosing new suppliers to work with because low turnover means stability and the ability to build strong relationships.

We regularly receive positive feedback from clients on the fact they are visited by the same technicians time after time, enabling them to build a personal relationship with them and trust that they understand their business and its needs.

In the pest control and washroom services industries, where discretion and professionalism, are essential, this is very important for our clients.

Carrwood Catering, for example, said we boast an excellent team who are professional at what they do, and extremely personable.

Many of our team have been with the company since we were established in 2001, and those that have joined since, very rarely leave us – our low staff turnover rate really is something to be proud of and we are in no doubt that it is a key reason a growing number of clients trust us with their pest control and washroom services.

“Experienced, long serving staff help to build relationships with clients and retain them in the long term,” said Martin Harvey, managing director of Harvey Environmental Services.

“As a business, we are committed to the long term training and development of our staff, helping them to be the best in the profession and ensuring they feel well supported and capable of performing their role.

“Employing a consistent team who are amongst the best in the industry has huge benefits for our clients who can be confident they are being looked after by technicians who they have built up a personal relationship with over time and know that they have a real understanding of their business.”

The next time that you are in the market for pest control services, don’t just ask for high quality up-to-date testimonials, ask for proof that they keep hold of their staff as well – there’s a good chance that these two things will have a major bearing on the quality of the work that will be delivered.

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