Hygiene at Harvey Environmental

Effective Pest Control is
not rocket science...

Sure, you need to use someone who:

Knows the biology of the pest involved

Knows the legislation involved

Knows how to use any toxic/hazardous control methods safely


Before all of that the basics are:


This is keeping the pest out of your business/home before they have a chance of getting in and causing problems


If you can't guarantee of keeping them out then restricting the opportunities for them to breed is a really good idea - good standards of hygiene come into this, as well and grounds maintenance and physical things like Ultra Violet fly control units


The last on the list, and for good reason. This is when the pest is already inside or in areas where they are causing problems. This is when control measures are required, and a properly qualified person needs to be involved to carry out these measures.

Harvey Environmental & Unique Clean Partnership

We have forged a partnership with Unique Clean - https://unique-clean.com/ to enable us to offer a complete pest solution that will dramatically reduce the risk of pests to your business or home. Unique are a like minded company who are expert in their field and can offer the cleaning/hygiene/grounds maintenance side of things that really help with the effective control of pests.

This "one stop shop" approach works really well and should save you time in sourcing multiple contractors.