2018 saw a huge rise in the need for pest control across the UK. From the hot weather to the social issues around waste disposal, it’s hard to pin-point an exact reason. Have a look at the points below and let us know why you think it is.
• What winter? The number of rats has been generally increasing throughout the UK for a number of years now. We haven’t had any truly harsh winters in the UK for a while. These bitterly cold winters used to cull the number of rats we saw. At the moment, there are an estimated 15 million brown rats in our country.
• The planet is getting hotter. Climate change and the abundance of food available to rats and mice means their population is soaring and thriving.
• A long hot summer! The unprecedented hot weather we experience from May-August in 2018 meant a surge in the number of wasps. This was completely unexpected after a reported decline in the number of wasp’s nests in 2017. Kevin Higgins, BPCA Technical Advisor, explains that although they already expected 2018 to be a big year for wasps, the warm weather had an impact and exceeded all initial expectations. “The early abundance of fruit in the fields and gardens gives better feeding conditions in which they can thrive. Wasps get giddy on the fruit, it makes them slightly inebriated, and this is when they are most likely to sting.”
• Waste Disposal, or lack of! Many councils across the UK cut how often they collected waste, which obviously led to huge problems with rubbish building up and rats and flies having a field day! This, combined with the heat causing food to rot faster, led to many pest control companies dealing with up to 15% more rat problems than usual.

So, how is 2019 looking? The high numbers of wasps and rodents are expected to continue into this year. Our advice is to ensure your pest controller can minimise pest activity effectively. Make sure bin and food waste is sealed and disposed of correctly, and ensure your building has no gaps for pests to enter.
If you need more advice on how to keep your business running pest-free, get in touch.