The hygiene scene   

The hygiene scene   

Pest control is a necessity for businesses operating in the pest control industry, and shouldn’t be viewed as a grudge purchase.

With diners increasingly looking at food standards hygiene ratings before choosing to eat and drink somewhere, it’s not just reactive day-to-day cleaning that staff need to keep on top of. Strict cleaning regimes, before, during and after service, should be combined with a pest control plan to ensure venues meet food safety legislation and customers’ expectations.

We recently spoke to Pub & Bar magazine about the importance of pest control measures for businesses in the hospitality industry. Martin Harvey said:

“Venues should make sure that a professional pest control company or a pest control consultant is involved in the design process. The very best companies will offer this service for free as they will see the long-term benefits.

“Doors and windows should be well sealed and shut – if they need to be opened for ventilation then professional insect screens should be used.

“Kitchen fixtures should ideally be on wheels so they can be pulled out for cleaning. Access panels should be installed in ceilings and walls so professional pest controllers can get into out of the way places to do their very important work – good pest control is all about access.”

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