Take our advice; it’s worth it in the long run

Take our advice; it’s worth it in the long run

We always stress to clients looking to build or refurbish premises that it would be advisable to seek our advice right from the planning stage.

One client chose to do just that this month and felt all the better for doing so.

Lake District Farmers have built up a strong reputation for the supply of premium quality, breed specific meat products, direct to fine dining establishments throughout the UK and as a BRC AA graded business they take pest control very seriously.

Such is their success, they are currently working on plans to build a brand new bespoke meat plant in Ulverston, Cumbria – designed specifically to aid and improve their ageing process.

Martin Harvey said: “We always ask companies at this stage to engage with us, tell us their plans so we can advise on our areas of expertise – more often than not this approach saves money long term and all of the time it lowers the risk factor of pests posing problems. We’re in this for the long term so we feel that this type of approach is the right approach”

Lake District Farmers’ owner Dan Austin chose to do just that; inviting Martin along to a four-hour design and planning meeting alongside key decision makers and influencers.

Dan said: “It wasn’t something I would have thought about to be honest, but when Martin suggested it, it made perfect sense.

“By coming in at the early stages he has been instrumental in some of the key decisions made and highlighted potential issues we hadn’t thought about; and not just about pest control”

“Things like having a non-return drain in place, which you can only do when putting main drainage in are important things to consider, yet they weren’t on my radar until he brought it up.

“We certainly don’t want to build the structure and then have to start changing things; it is not efficient and it can prove costly.

“We have complete faith in the advice and support Harvey Environmental has provided so far, and long may this continue into the future.”

If you’re looking to change the layout of an existing premises or starting work on a new build, can we help you?

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