Spring into pest control action

Spring into pest control action

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning our homes but as we approach the warmer months, should we also be taking steps to clean up our businesses and prevent any unwanted visitors?

Spring is a time for many pests to start growing, with flea eggs hatching and wasps and bees starting to swarm in preparation for abundant food supplies in summer.  Other pests which start to make an appearance from spring onwards include ants, flies, cockroaches, snails, slugs and clothes moths.

Whatever industry your business operates in, it is important to prevent infestations of these pests at your premises, to preserve your reputation amongst customers and other key stakeholders and prevent any costly financial repercussions.

A professional approach to pest management works best when staff, who are using your facilities each day, are vigilant about potential pest outbreaks and know what to do if they do spot a problem. They can help to minimise your pest risks by:

  1. Tidying up their workspace at the end of each day, wiping up any spills as soon as possible and regularly emptying office bins into secure outdoor bins.
  2. Storing food and drink in sealed containers and clearing uneaten food out of fridges at the end of each working week.
  3. Ensuring that doors and windows are properly secured at the end of each day and any cracks or gaps around them and pipework are reported to maintenance teams to be fixed.
  4. Regularly checking plants in the workspace to ensure they aren’t providing shelter to pests.
  5. Keeping outdoor areas clear from debris, overgrown shrubbery and piles of wood.

Combining these simple actions by staff with a pest control strategy carried out by professionals will ensure your business meets pest management legislation and will prevent spring cleaning from being an expensive and time consuming task.

To arrange a free initial consultation to talk through the best pest control solutions for your business, contact us on 01282 866554 or email enquiries@harveyenviro.com


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