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Setting the standard for the hospitality sector

The hospitality sector is like an all-inclusive holiday for pests. Food and drink on tap, a nice ambient temperature and a cosy bed to settle down for the night.

Great for them, but a major issue for hoteliers and restauranteurs.

There is absolutely no margin for error when it comes to pest control in this sector, as failure to prevent or tackle pests on your premises can lead to customer illness, a bad reputation and potential closure.

We’re here to help.

We work with a number of large hotel and restaurant chains to ensure they meet and to continue to maintain the standards required under both food safety law and health and safety law.

Through regular site visits, stringent checks and accurate paperwork, we give clients the peace of mind they need, while at the same time enabling them to get on with the business of serving their customers.

Any potential areas of concern are quickly identified and dealt with efficiently, with minimum fuss or disruption and discreetly if necessary.

Working closely with your own in-house team, we help maintain high standards across existing sites and advise on the potential measures needed for new venues and all in a friendly, approachable manner.

Ours is a very pro-active approach to pest control as we understand the impact pest activity has on businesses in the hospitality industry and the urgency to resolve them.

We run training sessions with many of our clients to encourage behavioural change within an organisation, which is particularly important when looking to spread a united company culture among various sites.

Our flexible but corporate approach to service, is structured, honest and detailed and has even been praised by environmental health officers themselves.

With us on board, everyone is happy; apart from the pests of course. For them, the holiday is over.

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