Putting pest control top of your priorities

Putting pest control top of your priorities

When opening a new bar or restaurant, it’s very easy to get carried away with its look and feel, well, that’s the exciting part isn’t it?

Mundane paperwork often comes bottom on the list of priorities, when in reality it should be at least on a par with the front of house fixtures and fittings.

In the mix of that paperwork is pest control, not glamorous, we’ll admit, but it is absolutely critical to the future success of your eatery.

Having an effective pest control plan in place is essential to keep unwanted guests out of your premises and preventing them from spreading harmful bacteria (not to mention the often crippling bad publicity that pests can bring to a business)

In addressing this issue, you need to nominate a person in-house to look after pest control, who can download the basic information they need here

But we would 100% advise that, at this point, you also appoint a professional pest controller. You may promise to remain vigilant about regular checks on deliveries coming in, the cleanliness of external areas at all times and ensuring regular all-round checks across the premises, but in our experience this often does not happen.

Pest control can easily fall by the wayside when there are so many other priorities, yet failing to keep on top of it could see your pride and joy tarred with a poor hygiene record and even closure.

Is it really worth the risk?

Prevention is a far better, less expensive route than waiting for a problem to arise and dealing with it at that point; or worse still, still ignoring the issue.

We’re here to help; talk to us.

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