Pizza with a side of….yeuch! 

Pizza with a side of….yeuch! 

Just Eat listings include takeaways given zero ratings for hygiene 

“Half of outlets rated as zero by the Food Standards Agency in Manchester, Bristol and London appear on the app.”BBC News 


Khyber Pass kebab shop fined over human faeces contamination 

“… inspectors concluded people affected by the outbreak must have eaten food contaminated with human faeces.”BBC News 

Food hygiene is a postcode lottery and diners “might as well toss a coin” 

“A takeaway was forced to temporarily close after inspectors discovered it was infested with cockroaches.”The Daily Telegraph 


You get the picture? Turns the stomach doesn’t it? And how many of you are now thinking about the last take away you had and whether that ‘fine’ establishment’s hygiene standards were up to scratch? 

Because that’s the thing; many people don’t think to check such things when they order a take out.  

 Either you’re ordering a takeaway via apps like Just Eat, Deliveroo or Hungry House, or ringing direct to the local takeaway for delivery. How many of you would be brave enough to ask while ordering your 12” pepperoni pizza; ‘and can you tell me your hygiene standard please?’ 

 Well, perhaps we should, as it is very clear, some of these takeaways on our doorsteps are offering a free side of something you most definitely didn’t order.  

 Let’s take the recent media storm around some of the takeaways operating under the Just Eat brand. While maintaining the hygiene standards within each establishment is not Just Eat’s responsibility, as a trusted national brand, there are calls for them to take some responsibility and rightly so. 

 There is also a call for the company to post hygiene rating alongside each takeaway listing so that customers can make an educated choice. In my opinion, they should only be promoting takeaways with a 4* rating or above. But then that is only my opinion. 

 Just Eat, which describes itself as “a world leader in online and mobile food ordering”, said it was “actively working to raise standards” but what can consumers do in the meantime to ensure they are tucking into exactly what they ordered and nothing more? 

 Well, there are search platforms out there, such as MunchDB, which allow you to see the official government (FSA) hygiene ratings of takeaways in the UK. They currently display ratings next to each establishment on food delivery websites: Just Eat, Hungry House & Deliveroo. 

 While information for these platforms is reliant on data from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) it goes a long way in easing the mind of the hungry consumer. 

 And if you’re in any doubt as to what the different hygiene ratings mean, here’s a recap. 

0 – Urgent Improvement Necessary 

1 – Major Improvement Necessary 

2 – Improvement Necessary 

3 – Generally Satisfactory 

4 – Good 

5 – Very Good 

Any restaurants with a low rating have a certain amount of time to improve before they are shut down. Restaurants that do not even meet the zero rating are shut down immediately.

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