Fly Units

Fly Units

Harvey Environmental offers advice and installs a wide range of professional fly units to help you keep on top of flying insect pests in your workplace.

Working with leading and trusted suppliers, we are able to provide you with a choice of innovative, quality sticky trap and electric grid fly killing units to suit your needs.

Professional Sticky Traps

  • Shatter resistant tubes with industry compliant FEP coating
  • Full-size sticky board to effectively catch the smallest of flies
  • Easy to remove bottom tray, drop down guard and front covers
  • Reflectobakt® sleeves increasing attractiveness to insects/slow the drying of the sticky board/allow longer board life and slimmer design.
  • Metal construction for longer lasting units and years of reliable service

Professional Electronic Fly Killers

  • Unique transformer, minimising shattering of insects when the insect is electrocuted
  • APower-on and Grid-on warning lights
  • Catch tray to collect dead insects
  • Wrap around guard for 360° protection
  • Choice of mounting option – suspended or wall mounted

How you purchase your unit is completely up to you; we offer flexible solutions to meet your budget.

We can supply the unit with a separate quarterly service agreement and annual tube change, or hire the unit(s) which would include quarterly service and annual tube change.

All units have a three-year parts and labour guarantee, provided that they are professionally serviced by ourselves.

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