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    Pest control Liverpool

    Harvey Environmental are a leading provider of premier pest control services in the Liverpool area.

    Our British Pest Control Association (BPCA) accredited technicians have years of experience tackling all forms of pest infestations, meaning we can provide both residential and commercial customers with the most effective pest control service possible.

    Not only will we eradicate your pest problem in a fast and efficient manner, but we will also provide additional follow up visits to your property to make sure the infestation has not returned and to give you advice on prevention methods.

    Liverpool Pest Control Services

    At Harvey Environmental we offer our Liverpool customers a huge range of pest control solutions that are effective in both domestic and commercial properties.



    Rodent control is an essential service for any Liverpool pest control company and Harvey Environmental is the best in the business.

    Finding a rodent infestation in your home or workplace is a troubling experience and we understand that swift and effective action is essential.

    The main rodent pests that cause the most problems in Liverpool are:

    • Brown Rats (Rattus norvegicus)
    • Black Rats (Rattus Rattus)
    • House Mice (Mus musculus)
    • Grey Squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis)

    How to get rid of rats and mice

    Rodents cause a number of health and safety concerns in both commercial and domestic properties:

    Disease Spreading
    Mice and rats alone have been proven to spread over 30 different diseases that can harm humans which they spread through their faeces, saliva, direct contact, and food/surface contamination.

    Fire Risk
    A large number of house and business fires in the UK are caused by rodents gnawing on electric wires. This is one of the main reasons that it is essential that you contact a professional pest control expert as soon as you see evidence of rodent activity.

    Our BPCA accredited technicians will use a proven combination of rodenticides, bait stations, traps, and preventative measures to completely exterminate rodent infestations and make sure they never return.


    Insect infestations are not only just as dangerous and harmful to health as problems involving larger pests such as birds and rodents, but they also are harder to find and eradicate.

    Some of the pest insect species that Harvey Environmental provide bespoke solutions for are:


    Wasp infestations are hard to remove without expert training as wasps will become aggressive when disturbed and can cause nasty stings and allergic reactions if not sedated or exterminated first.

    Bed Bugs

    A bed bug infestation is extremely frustrating to deal with and can significantly damage your quality of life and mental health by disrupting your night sleep and causing itchy bites and bed bug rashes.

    Carpet beetles

    These crawling nightmares will shred the natural fibres of your home furnishings ruining carpets blankets, and furniture, and breeding rapidly if not tackled.


    Fleas normally enter your home on the back of your cat or dog and the first sign you see of flea activity is likely to be a change in your pet's behaviour such as constant itching or being unable to stay still.

    Once inside your property, they can spread far and wide infesting carpets, blankets, and pet bedding.

    At Harvey Environmental Services we use a range of treatments to tackle all these insects and many more including insecticides, bait stations, fumigation, and heat/freeze treatment.

    Whatever species of insect it is that you need help with, our BPCA accredited technicians will use their extensive knowledge and experience to work out exactly what treatment will work the best.

    Pest Bird Control

    Pest bird control is another vital service that Harvey Environmental offers to customers across the Liverpool Area.

    Pest bird species such as Gulls and Feral pigeons are increasingly taking over urban areas due to the easy access to food and will roost almost anywhere including your roof, balcony, or windowsill.

    This is a major problem as birds carry numerous pathogens that they can spread through their droppings which also happen to be extremely toxic and cause property damage by eroding surfaces over time.

    E. coli and Salmonella are just two of the more common diseases spread by birds to humans and if left untreated these can cause extremely serious health issues such as sepsis.

    They also cause a lot of noise pollution and can have a significant detrimental impact on your quality of life.

    Usually, bird spikes, bird netting, or a combination of the two will be effective in eradicating your pest bird problem.

    If it is not, or your pest control technician deems another method would be more suitable for your property, there are several other bird control services we offer.

    There are strict rules and regulations regarding the disturbing of birds once they have nested on your property so the faster you contact a professional pest control agency such as Harvey Environmental once identifying an issue the better.

    Commercial Pest Control Liverpool

    Finding a pest problem on your business premises can be a disaster for businesses but with Harvey Environmental efficient and discreet commercial pest solutions you can be back on your feet in no time at all.

    Product contamination, disease spreading, loss of reputation, financial penalties, and even suspension of your trading licence are all real possibilities if a pest infestation is left untreated, especially if you work in the food preparation or restaurant industry.

    If a customer finds a pest on your premises it is possible that you will experience reputation damage and a drop off in customers as the news spreads through the local area and may even appear in the local news.

    If an infestation is discovered by hygiene inspectors, this effect could be even worse as you may face a significant fine of up to £20,000 and even temporary closure whilst the issue is resolved.

    Our highly trained technicians are experts in providing a full treatment for pest issues in a discreet manner, with unobtrusive solutions used whenever possible, to cause as little disruption to staff and customers as possible.

    As well as pest infestation response we also offer a check up service where one of our technicians will conduct a sweep of your property several times a year to look for any tell-tale signs of pest activity and prevent any potential problems escalating.

    Harvey Environmental are your local experts in commercial pest control in Liverpool and will put the needs of your business first at all times. For emergency pest response or routine pest control advice, get in touch today and our expert team will be delighted to help.

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    Our knowledgeable experts will be happy to provide a free quote and further information on any of the treatments we offer.

    Our local branches across the North West mean that we are able to provide a rapid response to any pest problems. with no waiting list, and a fully trained pest control expert will be at your property in no time at all.

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