When is a pest control expert not an expert?

When is a pest control expert not an expert?

If your business is faced with a pest problem, a quick internet search will bring up pages of companies who could help you deal with the issue and get back to business as usual quickly.

But, how do you know the company or individuals you choose to call have the right level of expertise to resolve your pest problem? Whilst businesses which specialise in pest control employ staff solely trained in this area, other organisations, such as local councils, may offer pest control services as a small part of their business and may not be as skilled at dealing with the wide range of pest issues which could face them when they visit commercial premises.

Private companies for whom pest control is the bread and butter of their business follow a strict CPD point scheme that ensures their employees are kept up-to-date with the latest industry training standards and they have all passed a minimum of the RSPH/BPCA Level 2 Award in Pest Management, which is widely recognised as the industry standard qualification.

Councils, and other organisations which include pest control as a financial side line to their main area of business, aren’t governed by these same guidelines and so their pest control staff may not actually hold a professional pest management qualification and so won’t have the same level of expertise in dealing with infestations.

So, if your business is faced with a pest problem, make sure you search for the right expert to help you. By choosing a British Pest Control Association member, you are guaranteeing that you are working with a company who meets strict criteria for professionalism and standards.

All BPCA members:
• Are suitably trained and qualified experts who are committed to Continuing Professional Development and have been subjected to BPCA audit and assessment processes to ensure their services are delivered to the highest standards
• Adhere to industry Codes of Best Practice
• Ensure staff, customers and members of the public are protected
• Are able to give you detailed advice on future pest prevention measures and provide comprehensive reporting systems covering all treatment aspects.
You wouldn’t choose sub-standard suppliers or partners for other areas of your business, so if you are faced with a pest problem you need help with, it is important to work with the professionals!

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