Pest Control Documentation – A Secret Weapon

Pest Control Documentation – A Secret Weapon

As an esteemed pest control company operating throughout the UK, we’re up to scratch with the do’s and don’ts of documentation. If you use, or have used a pest control company in the past, you’ll be well aware of your onsite folder, usually supplied to customers once a contract is agreed. A paper trail is undoubtedly needed to prove a company is well on top of their pest control matters.

Here’s a list of FIVE things you should be able to find within your onsite folder;

1. A copy of work agreed with your pest control contractor, including what services are included. A sheet will be included with all contact details for your provider.

2. A COSHH/RISK assessment that should cover all procedures, including what pesticides have been used on site. This shows areas have been assessed and that the safest, or most appropriate product has been used.

3. Manufacturer’s safety data sheets – these will cover all pesticides used on site. These sheets should come with the products and detail all safety precautions, instructions and advice.

4. A visit log should also be included in the onsite folder, containing the dates of the visit and name of the technician as well as details of any toxic materials that have been used. This will help you keep up to date on when your last site visit was, and when your next one is due.

5. Lists of where pest monitors have been placed around the site is essential – along with the date and any other relevant information.

If you need more information on your onsite documentation, we’re always here to help.

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