More than you bargained for…

More than you bargained for…

When thinking of pest control, you’d probably think of restaurants, eateries and takeaways first. But what about those shopping centres and retail parks? Yes, they need pest control too. At risk of jeopardising the reputation of high street stores and entertainment complexes, these pests are the best example of why prevention is better than a cure. 

Urban pests have found their ideal habitat in retail complexes today. Individual shop units with lots of nooks and crannies, connected by a network of heating, electricity and water services. Throw into the mix food outlets, continual warmth throughout the year and a constant food supply and you’ll get the perfect environment for urban pests.  

The problem peaks with the obstacle of multiple shops and business owners each using their own pest control services, or nothing at all. Multiple pest control businesses each with a different way of working are conducting under one roof, creating a fragmented attempt at a solution. With little or no communication or plan, is it any wonder the problem is growing? 

A common frustration for pest control services operating in shopping centres, is that even if they do tackle the issue in one shop, they can rarely gain access to another shop (who has their own pest control contract elsewhere). Therefore, the problem will continue to return unless change happens. The management of the complex could eradicate this issue with a complex-wide pest management programme, whereby all of the tenant’s chosen contractors would work under the same scheme. Ensuring a constant dialogue between tenants and contractors can help to work towards a greater goal. 

Are you the owner of a unit or a shopping centre manager? Get in touch. 

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