Martin leads the charge for better pest control

Martin leads the charge for better pest control

Martin Harvey, Managing Director of Colne based Harvey Environmental has been leading the way for tighter regulation of the Pest Control industry.

Martin is President of the British Pest Control Association, the trade body which has just raised the bar for the industry in a moved which he has hailed as a “positive step”.
The new rules mean that members of the leading trade body must meet strict criteria in terms of their professional credentials.

Martin said “It’s good news for the profession as a whole, but it is particularly good news for clients of Pest Control companies. Their reputation could be on the line, and they need to know that they are using a professional and reputable specialist contractor”.

He added “we know there are pest controllers who are untrained and do not stay up to date with the latest products, pests and legislation, and that can create big problems for us all. But as all BPCA servicing companies are regularly audited, and now individuals must be trained to industry standards, we can tell clients they can be totally confident of a professional service. And the BPCA logo will act as proof of their credentials.”
The new rules mean that every BPCA servicing employee must hold at a recognised qualification, and be enrolled on a Continual Professional development scheme – this has led to some businesses no longer being eligible for membership.
Martin issued a note of caution “I’d urge people whose reputation relies on expert Pest Control to check they’re being serviced by a BPCA member.”

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