Martin continues to fly the flag for Pest Control industry standards

Martin continues to fly the flag for Pest Control industry standards

Martin Harvey, President of the British Pest Control Association, and Managing Director of Colne Based Harvey Environmental Services has continued his quest to ensure that pest control businesses are meeting high standards, with a recent trip to Brussels.

Martin was in Brussels as a member of the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations (CEPA), where CEN standard EN16636 and the CEPA Certified® certification scheme was launched.

Martin said “This can only be good news for customers. They can now be confident that pest controllers are working to a set, Europe-wide standard. There have been too many people out there who are untrained, and that can create a big headache for everyone, but this scheme, along with the British Pest Control Association’s own high membership standards, can offer confidence to clients that they’re getting an industry benchmarked service”

He added “Pest Control has moved on a long way. We’re no longer just rat catchers, but are key to manufacturing, food production, hospitality and so many other industries to help them operate within the law. We’re much more proactive than reactive, and what we do is key for public health, food safety, environmental sustainability and economic significance. It is a key part of our effort to protect citizens responsibly.”

“The main thing this promotes is client confidence. Where people see businesses carrying the CEPA certification, they can be assured of the service they are getting”.

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