How many pest control visits is enough?

How many pest control visits is enough?

How do you determine the frequency of your pest control visits?

For certain companies (namely food and packaging) the frequency of pest control visits is determined by an assessment of the site/s, as dictated by the BRC standard.

This is an element of the BRC standard that is seen as difficult by some pest control companies and is often missed out, so how do companies know they are ticking this particular box?

We can help. When assessing any site for a pest control programme we do this on a risk-based strategy in order to address the issues raised by the following:

Risk to public health due to activities of pests

Pests are known to carry a range of pathogens which can be transmitted to humans either through contaminated food or their presence in the environment.

Risk to food safety

This will be the priority for all engaged in the production, storage, transport, processing and sale of food. The risks include:

  • Physical contamination of product by rodent droppings, insect parts or other foreign bodies
  • Introduction of micro organisms
  • Damage to product or packaging

Risk to public safety and the environment

The irresponsible or inaccurate use of pesticides may present a hazard to technicians, site staff and members of the general public, as well as to the environment through contamination of water, damage to plants and the effect on non-target species of animals.

Condition of buildings/neighbouring properties/immediate environment

The maintenance and general repair of buildings is a vital consideration for an effective pest control programme as well as what type of business or environment borders onto our client’s site – also the willingness of the client to carry out recommended proofing and hygiene works.

Once we have the answers to questions posed on this subject, we are able to score the business on risk and make our deliberations.

Ranging from 0-20 (0 being low risk and 20 being the highest) we mark seven key areas with a graded score and total up this figure. This total figure results in the number of visits recommended.

Dealing with risk in this manner gives the client a clear understanding as to the number of visits required and why, and gives us, the pest controller, a clear programme of works to be delivered.

Impressed? We are!

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