Maintaining high customer service standards

Maintaining high customer service standards

Neil on tour!

Maintaining high customer service standards is key to the success of any organisation and we think it’s safe to say that we’re not a business to rest on its laurels or one scared of admitting (sometimes reluctantly) that we don’t know everything.

This is why we are constantly looking to friendly partners and suppliers to welcome members of our team into their businesses to find out how they do things.

A few weeks ago, one of our service team leaders Neil Sharp did just that; travelling to London and then South Wales on a fact-finding mission.

The first stop

His first stop was Beaver Pest Control, a London pest control company with who we have an excellent working relationship.

Martin Harvey, our Managing Director said: “Beaver have a fantastic reputation for delivering a high standard of service to a loyal customer base and, as a fellow member of the BPCA, we share the same working values and principles.

“We felt it would be beneficial for Neil to understand Beaver’s processes and ways of working in order to introduce best practice back into our own business.”

The next stop

Next stop for Neil was South Wales, the home of Service Tracker; a system which we last year introduced into our business in order to streamline our service and to help make us paper-free.

Martin added: “While Service Tracker has already transformed our historic paper-led processes, we’re always keen to know what more it is capable of, so sent Neil along to find out.”

Neil found the two visits to be extremely useful. He said: “You’re so busy doing your day-to-day job, it’s all too easy to keep following the same processes.

“Visiting other companies and seeing how they operate certainly opens your eyes to other ways of working and how technology such as Service Tracker can be used to full potential.

“I’m really glad of the opportunity and look forward to the next road (or train) trip!”

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