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    Pest control

    Our professional team at Harvey Environmental Services are a local supplier of pest control services to customers in Greater Manchester and the surrounding area.

    The team are professional service technicians who are fully accredited by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) with years of field experience in both property and commercial properties.

    Speak to our Pest Control Manchester team today.

    Pest Control Charlestown Services

    We offer a wide range of Charlestown pest control options appropriate for a range of different species and matched for several situations.

    To ensure we can efficiently eliminate pests, our team of Charlestown pest control specialists will examine the problem before establishing an effective plan of treatment - made to fulfill your specific needs.

    These are among the most common pest concerns our team at Harvey Environmental Services help with:


    Rodent Control

    Rodents are a common and upsetting pest concern, and they are difficult to remove if you do not make use of professional help.

    The team at Harvey Environmental provides custom rodent control which will rapidly handle the problem of a mice or rat infestation. No matter what your rodent circumstance resembles, our team of skilled specialists will always be able to develop an effective solution.

    How to eliminate rats and mice

    3 specific rodent pests have been the reason for issues for people in the UK for centuries:

    House Mice (Mus musculus). Black Rats (Rattus rattus). Brown Rats (Rattus norvegicus).

    In recent decades squirrel control has become increasingly more of an issue with grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) raiding bird feeders, stripping bark off trees in the garden, making nests in attics and wall cavities, and gnawing through almost anything they can find.

    Insect Control

    Insect control is an essential part of our service, as insect problems are some of the hardest to not just identify, however remove.

    {These are a few of the insect treatments that we perform daily: These are some of the common insect treatments we provide to our customers: These are among the common insect treatments we offer our clients daily:}

    Wasp nest treatment and removal

    Wasps are amongst the hardest pests to deal with - especially if you lack the suitable training; wasps are aggressive and will sting anybody who they view as a hazard, while misuse of the insecticides necessary to damage their nest can easily lead to health concerns.

    Our team can securely eliminating a wasps nest, saving you time, stress, and a great deal of effort.

    Cockroach Removal

    Prolific disease spreaders, cockroaches are disgusting to find in you property. Their hard external shell makes it difficult to treat them and only professional pest control specialists will be able to eliminate them at all life phases, from egg to fully grown.

    Flea Treatments

    Fleas are an unpleasant and stressful biting pest which target not just you but your pets, while likewise infesting your furniture and carpets. Cat fleas are the most common flea problem our team handle, and through the use of fumigation and heat treatment, our team guarantee your property will be cleaned out of these pests.

    Beg Bug removal

    Despite not spreading diseases through their bites, bed bugs damage your quality of life, biting you when your asleep at night and causing scratchy skin and rashes.

    Bed bugs are most easily eliminated through heat treatment as they are ruined at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius however doing so securely is key, and we will make certain done of your belongings are harmed at the same time.

    No matter what type of pest you are dealing with, whether it's ants, beetles, moths, or bees, our knowledgeable, BPCA accredited team will be able to manage it.

    Pest Bird Control

    A pest bird problem can wind up being a serious problem, as large populations of feral pigeons and gulls are able to cause serious health and lifestyle issues for numerous homeowners.

    Birds can spreading a wide range of illness, both airborne and through their droppings.

    These consist of pathogens that cause Salmonella and E. Coli which can cause health problems such as urine infections and sepsis.

    Bird faeces is likewise very hazardous and not only causes aesthetic problems and makes pathways slippery and risky but also deteriorates metal and stone surface areas over time possibly compromising the structural stability or the building.

    If you want to prevent or stop birds from nesting on or around your property, we offer many options.

    Among the most effective options for bird invasions Harvey Environmental uses consist of:

    Bird Netting

    An extremely effective measure that simply works by preventing birds from accessing susceptible areas in the first place such as terraces and storage facility rafters.

    A benefit of netting is that it can be customised into almost any type of shape and made appropriate for a wide range of different properties.

    Bird Spikes

    Bird spikes take the form of long, blunt points installed on a polycarbonate base.

    Bird spikes take the type of long, blunt points installed on a polycarbonate base.

    Spikes do not hurt the target birds but rather merely prevent them from landing and force them to take off once again if they do.

    Spiking can be placed anywhere birds may try to roost, and appropriate for signs, window-ledges, and guttering.

    They can be put anywhere where birds attempt to roost or land routinely consisting of indications, windowsills, and along guttering.

    Spike strips are extremely flexible and can be attached to surfaces of all different materials utilizing clips, glue, nails, or screws.

    Professional Treatments . If spikes or netting aren't effective in avoiding the birds from roosting or landing nearby, we provide a variety of expert specialist services to control birds.

    These Include:
    . Falconry. Ariel Roof Inspections. Bird shooting. Bird trapping. Guano removal.

    Birds end up being harder to remove the longer they have been present on a property, especially because of the stringent laws which regulate how bird eggs and nests are treated.

    Therefore, the minute that you start to notice that pest birds are beginning to decide on you property you should call and professional pest control service such as Harvey Environmental who will make certain that the problem doesn't intensify.

    Commercial Pest Control Charlestown

    A pest problem on a commercial premises is a serious issue, and needs a rapid and effective response.

    Pests in a commercial property can end up producing breaches of food health guidelines, damage the morale of staff, and seriously damage business reputation.

    We acknowledge that treatment for pest issues in a business facility will require discreet, inconspicuous solutions - to make sure consumers and staff are undisturbed.

    Not just can we help eliminate current pest issues for our commercial consumers, utilizing the latest large scale property treatment approaches but we will put in place prevention measures to guarantee that future problems do not take place.

    If you're looking for professional pest control treatments in the Charlestown area backed by years of experience, get in touch with the team at Harvey Environmental today.

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    They will then ensure that a specialist visits your property as soon as possible to conduct a full survey and use their knowledge to help develop a bespoke plan to treat your pest control requirements.

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