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    Pest control

    The team at Harvey Environmental Services provide professional pest control services to consumers in Greater Manchester and the surrounding area.

    Our team are qualified technicians accredited by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) who have years of experience working in pest control in the residential and commercial spheres.

    Speak to our Pest Control Manchester team today.

    Pest Control Bolton Services

    Bolton pest control includes a range of different services that can be adapted to fit a variety of different scenarios and pest species.

    To eliminate pests most successfully, our Bolton pest control operators will evaluate your pest problem on their first visit prior to establishing a bespoke treatment plan particular to your requirements.

    These are a few of the common issues the Harvey Environmental Services team assists with:


    Rodent Control

    A pest infestation involving rodents is traumatic to find and difficult to get rid of without professional help.

    Our team at Harvey Environmental have years of experience offering rodent control to clients all over Bolton, offering bespoke and highly effective service that can ensure the obliteration of an infestation. No matter what your rodent scenario is like, our team of skilled service technicians will always have the ability to devise an efficient solution.

    How to get rid of rats and mice

    3 specific rodent pests have been the cause of concerns for people in the UK for centuries:

    House Mice (Mus musculus). Black Rats (Rattus rattus). Brown Rats (Rattus norvegicus).

    Another growing rodent pest concern are grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis), who rob bird feeders, strip the bark from trees in gardens, create nests in attics and walls, and gnaw through cables, pipes, and wires.

    Insect Control

    Insect control is an essential part of a pest control service, as insect invasions are amongst the hardest problems to not just identify, but remove.

    {These are a few of the insect treatments that we carry out daily: These are some of the common insect treatments we provide to our customers: These are among the common insect treatments we provide for our clients every day:}

    Wasp nest treatment and removal

    Wasps are among the hardest pests to handle - particularly if you do not have the suitable training; wasps are aggressive and will sting anybody who they deem a threat, while misuse of the insecticides needed to ruin their nest can quickly lead to health concerns.

    Our team of pest technicians are fully efficient in getting rid of any wasps nest you find on your property, saving you a lot of time and effort.

    Cockroach Removal

    Cockroaches are a horrible pest to find on your property, as they are prolific spreaders of disease and illness. Cockroaches are an exceptionally tough pest known for their survivability, and it's required to get professional pest control specialists in to handle them.

    Flea Treatments

    Fleas are an unpleasant and difficult biting pest which target not only you but your family pets, while likewise infesting your furnishings and carpets. A cat flea infestation is the most common flea problem that we deal with and we will have the ability to clear your property of these biting insects using treatment approaches such as fumigation and heat treatment.

    Beg Bug removal

    In spite of not spreading diseases through their bites, bed bugs harm your quality of life, biting you when your asleep in the evening and causing itchy skin and rashes.

    Our team can provide heat treatment, which can securely damage the bed bugs.

    No matter what type of pest you are dealing with, whether it's ants, beetles, moths, or bees, our knowledgeable, BPCA accredited team will have the ability to manage it.

    Pest Bird Control

    Pest birds are a few of the most serious pest issues in Bolton, and populations of feral pigeons and gulls which aren't controlled can cause cause serious health and quality of life problems for many homeowners.

    Birds can spread a range of illness both airborne and through their droppings.

    Common pathogens spread by birds consist of Salmonella and E. Coli - which in the worst cases can end up causing sepsis.

    Not just are bird faeces hazardous but they are cause aesthetic issues, a serious odour, pose a serious slipping risk, damage metal and stone, and overtime can compromise the structural stability or the building.

    If you want to discourage or stop birds from nesting on or around your property, we provide numerous options.

    Options we offer bird infestation issues consist of:

    Bird Netting

    Among the most extremely effective means of dealing with birds, it avoids them from accessing places typically most susceptible to gain access to by a bird population - like balconies and storage facility rafters.

    Among the biggest advantages of nets is how they can be customised into a wide variety of different shapes, meaning it's ideal for all kinds of properties.

    Bird Spikes

    These 'spikes' in fact take the type of long blunt points connected to a polycarbonate base.

    These 'spikes' in fact take the type of long blunt points connected to a polycarbonate base.

    Bird spikes cause no injury or harm to the birds; rather, they prevent the birds from landing and force them to fly off.

    Surging is excellent due to the fact that it's versatile and can be placed wherever birds may try and roost - including signs, the ledges of windows, and along guttering.

    They can be positioned anywhere where birds attempt to roost or land routinely consisting of signs, windowsills, and along guttering.

    Spike strips are incredibly versatile and can be connected to surfaces of all different products utilizing clips, glue, nails, or screws.

    Professional Treatments . If spikes or netting aren't reliable in preventing the birds from roosting or landing close by, we provide a series of professional professional services to control birds.

    These Include:
    . Falconry. Ariel Roof Inspections. Bird shooting. Bird trapping. Guano removal.

    Birds will end up being harder to remove if they've been allowed to nest on your property - mostly because of the rigorous laws which control how bird eggs and nests are dealt with.

    As soon as you've observed a pest bird population beginning to decide on your property, you need to connect with Harvey Environmental as soon as possible to prevent the issue from intensifying even more.

    Commercial Pest Control Bolton

    A pest problem on a commercial property is a serious problem, and needs a rapid and effective response.

    Pests on commercial properties are capable of breaching crucial food health policies, upsetting employee, and seriously destructive reputation if identified by customers.

    Our team of pest control experts acknowledge that pest infestations in businesses and in commercial properties will need discreet, inconspicuous solutions, to prevent disturbing clients and staff.

    Not just can we help remove current pest problems for our commercial consumers, utilizing the latest large scale property treatment approaches however we will put in place prevention measures to guarantee that future problems do not take place.

    If you're looking for professional pest control treatments in the Bolton area backed by years of experience, contact the team at Harvey Environmental today.

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    Our team will ensure that a professional visits your property ASAP to carry out a survey and use their expertise and knowledge to produce a reliable pest control plan.

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