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    Pest control

    Harvey Environmental Services are a leading supplier of pest control services to clients in Greater Manchester and the surrounding area.

    Our team are qualified service technicians accredited by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) who have years of experience working in pest control in the property and commercial spheres.

    Speak to our Pest Control Manchester team today.

    Pest Control Baguley Services

    Baguley pest control encompasses a series of different services that can be adjusted to match a number of different circumstances and pest species.

    To eliminate pests most effectively, our Baguley pest control specialists will evaluate your pest problem on their very first visit prior to developing a bespoke treatment plan specific to your needs.

    These are just a few of the most common inquiries that Baguley citizens have in regard to pest problems and how Harvey Environmental can help fix them:


    Rodent Control

    Rodents are a common and distressing pest problem, and they are difficult to remove if you do not make use of professional help.

    Our team at Harvey Environmental have years of experience supplying rodent control to clients all over Baguley, supplying bespoke and highly effective service that can ensure the removal of an infestation. No matter what kind of rodent concern you're facing, our team of specialists can always be counted on to develop an effective solution.

    How to get rid of rats and mice

    3 particular rodent pests have been the reason for concerns for people in the UK for centuries:

    Home Mice (Mus musculus). Black Rats (Rattus rattus). Brown Rats (Rattus norvegicus).

    In recent years squirrel control has ended up being a growing number of of a problem with grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) raiding bird feeders, removing bark off trees in the garden, making nests in attics and wall cavities, and gnawing through practically anything they can find.

    Insect Control

    Insect control is an important part of a pest control service, as insect problems are amongst the hardest problems to not just recognize, however remove.

    {These are some of the insect treatments that we carry out every day: These are a few of the common insect treatments we provide to our clients: These are among the common insect treatments we provide for our customers daily:}

    Wasp nest treatment and removal

    Wasps are among the hardest pests to handle - especially if you do not have the appropriate training; wasps are aggressive and will sting anybody who they view as a hazard, while abuse of the insecticides needed to destroy their nest can quickly lead to health concerns.

    Our specialists will have the ability to remove wasp nests in a single visit and if there is an additional wasp nest found throughout the pest removal procedure they will most likely be able to deal with at the same time, for a small extra fee.

    Cockroach Removal

    Cockroaches are some of the worst pests you can find on your property, as they are prolific spreaders of disease and filth. Their difficult outer shell makes it difficult to treat them and just professional pest control experts will have the ability to eliminate them at all life phases, from egg to fully grown.

    Flea Treatments

    Fleas are especially stressful insects to handle as these pests target your precious pets as well as infesting the furniture and carpets in your home. Cat fleas are the most common flea problem our team deals with, and through the use of fumigation and heat treatment, our team ensure your property will be cleared out of these pests.

    Beg Bug removal

    Bed bugs are a deeply unpleasant pest to need to handle because they eat our blood - biting us while we sleep and causing rashes and itchy skin.

    Bed bugs are most quickly gotten rid of through heat treatment as they are damaged at temperature levels above 60 degrees Celsius however doing so safely is crucial, and we will make sure done of your belongings are harmed at the same time.

    Whatever insect pests you are dealing with, from ants and beetles to moths and bees, Harvey Environmental's BPCA accredited service technicians will utilize their experience to exercise precisely what treatment will work the very best.

    Pest Bird Control

    Pest birds can be a serious pest problem in Baguley with unrestrained populations of feral pigeons and gulls causing a variety of health and lifestyle issues for many residents.

    Birds can spread a series of diseases both airborne and through their droppings.

    Some of the pathogens spread by birds include Salmonella and E. Coli - both capable of causing serious health issues.

    Bird faeces is likewise exceptionally poisonous and not only causes aesthetic issues and makes paths slippery and hazardous but likewise deteriorates metal and stone surface areas gradually perhaps jeopardizing the structural integrity or the structure.

    If you wish to deter or stop birds from nesting on or around your property, we provide many options.

    A few of the most reliable bird infestation solutions which Harvey Environmental offer are:

    Bird Netting

    Among the most extremely efficient means of dealing with birds, it avoids them from accessing places frequently most susceptible to gain access to by a bird population - like verandas and storage facility rafters.

    Among the most significant advantages of nets is how they can be personalized into a wide range of different shapes, meaning it's appropriate for all kinds of properties.

    Bird Spikes

    These 'spikes' really take the type of long blunt points connected to a polycarbonate base.

    Bird spikes are long, blunt points which are installed in dense rows on a polycarbonate base.

    Bird spikes cause no injury or damage to the birds; instead, they avoid the birds from landing and require them to fly off.

    Surging can be put wherever birds might attempt to roost, and are suitable for indications, window-ledges, and guttering.

    Increasing is excellent because it's versatile and can be put any place birds might attempt and roost - consisting of signs, the ledges of windows, and along guttering.

    The strips of spikes can be attached utilizing clips, glue, nails, and screws.

    Professional Treatments . If spikes and netting are not effective in keeping birds from roosting there are a variety of more professional services that we offer to control these bird pest species.

    These Include:
    . Falconry. Ariel Roof Inspections. Bird shooting. Bird trapping. Guano removal.

    Birds end up being harder to remove the longer they have been present on a property, particularly because of the stringent laws which regulate how bird eggs and nests are treated.

    For that reason, the minute that you begin to notice that pest birds are starting to pick you property you need to call and professional pest control service such as Harvey Environmental who will make sure that the problem doesn't escalate.

    Commercial Pest Control Baguley

    At Harvey Environmental we comprehend that a pest problem on commercial facilities is an emergency situation that requires a rapid and efficient response.

    Pests on commercial properties can breaching essential food hygiene regulations, distressing team member, and seriously harmful reputation if spotted by customers.

    Our pest control professionals understand that pest infestations in business properties require as discreet and inconspicuous solutions as possible, to avoid troubling clients and staff.

    The team will make sure that not only is an existing pest concern is eradicated however through the use of proofing we will make sure future pest concerns are avoided as well.

    If you're looking for professional pest control treatments in the Baguley area backed by years of experience, get in touch with the team at Harvey Environmental today.

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