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    Pest control

    Our specialist team at Harvey Environmental Services are a local supplier of pest control services to consumers in Greater Manchester and the surrounding area.

    The team are expert service technicians who are fully accredited by the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) with years of field experience in both property and commercial properties.

    Speak to our Pest Control Manchester team today.

    Pest Control Ashley Heath Services

    We provide our customers with a variety of efficient Ashley Heath pest control options suited for different species and circumstances.

    To guarantee we can effectively get rid of pests, our team of Ashley Heath pest control experts will evaluate the problem prior to establishing an effective plan of treatment - made to satisfy your particular requirements.

    These are just a few of the most common questions that Ashley Heath residents have in regard to pest issues and how Harvey Environmental can help fix them:


    Rodent Control

    A pest infestation involving rodents is upsetting to discover and difficult to eliminate without professional help.

    Our team at Harvey Environmental have years of experience supplying rodent control to clients all over Ashley Heath, providing bespoke and highly reliable service that can guarantee the obliteration of an infestation. This means that whatever the circumstances of your rodent problem, our extremely knowledgeable service technicians will have the ability to find an effective solution.

    How to get rid of rats and mice

    There are 3 rodent species which have been causing major pest control issues for people in the UK for centuries:

    Home Mice (Mus musculus). Black Rats (Rattus rattus). Brown Rats (Rattus norvegicus).

    In recent years squirrel control has ended up being more and more of a concern with grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) raiding bird feeders, stripping bark off trees in the garden, making nests in attics and wall cavities, and gnawing through almost anything they can find.

    Insect Control

    Insect control is a vital part of a pest control service, as insect infestations are amongst the hardest issues to not just determine, but remove.

    {These are some of the insect treatments that we perform every day: These are some of the common insect treatments we provide to our customers: These are amongst the common insect treatments we offer our clients daily:}

    Wasp nest treatment and removal

    Wasps are amongst the hardest pests to handle - specifically if you lack the appropriate training; wasps are aggressive and will sting anyone who they view as a danger, while abuse of the insecticides needed to damage their nest can quickly result in health concerns.

    Our team can securely removing a wasps nest, saving you time, tension, and a lot of effort.

    Cockroach Removal

    Cockroaches are a dreadful pest to find on your property, as they are prolific spreaders of disease and illness. Cockroaches are a tough pest who are popular for being exceptionally difficult to eliminate, meaning it's always essential to utilize professional pest control professionals to handle them.

    Flea Treatments

    Fleas are an unpleasant and stressful biting pest which target not only you but your family pets, while also infesting your furniture and carpets. Cat fleas are the most common flea problem our team handle, and through the use of fumigation and heat treatment, our team guarantee your property will be cleared out of these pests.

    Beg Bug removal

    Bed bugs are a deeply unpleasant pest to need to handle since they eat our blood - biting us while we sleep and causing rashes and itchy skin.

    Bed bugs are best eliminated through the means of heat treatment, as they are destroyed at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius - a service we can provide securely.

    No matter the kind of insect pest you're facing, whether it's ants, beetles, moths, or bees, our team is BPCA accredited and is highly experienced, meaning we can deal with any problem you find yourself facing.

    Pest Bird Control

    Pest birds can be a serious pest problem in Ashley Heath with uncontrolled populations of feral pigeons and gulls causing a range of health and lifestyle problems for lots of citizens.

    Birds can spreading a large range of illness, both airborne and through their droppings.

    A few of the pathogens spread by birds include Salmonella and E. Coli - both efficient in causing serious health concerns.

    Not only are bird faeces poisonous however they are cause aesthetic concerns, a serious smell, pose a serious slipping danger, damage metal and stone, and overtime can jeopardize the structural stability or the building.

    If you wish to prevent or stop birds from nesting on or around your property, we offer many options.

    Among the most efficient options for bird problems Harvey Environmental provides include:

    Bird Netting

    An extremely reliable measure that merely works by avoiding birds from accessing vulnerable areas in the first place such as verandas and warehouse rafters.

    An advantage of netting is that it can be personalized into almost any kind of shape and made suitable for a wide range of different properties.

    Bird Spikes

    These 'spikes' in fact take the type of long blunt points attached to a polycarbonate base.

    Bird spikes take the type of long, blunt points installed on a polycarbonate base.

    Bird spikes cause no injury or damage to the birds; instead, they avoid the birds from landing and force them to fly off.

    They can be placed anywhere where birds attempt to roost or land routinely including indications, windowsills, and along guttering.

    Spiking is terrific since it's versatile and can be placed wherever birds might attempt and roost - including signs, the ledges of windows, and along guttering.

    Spike strips are exceptionally flexible and can be attached to surfaces of all different materials using clips, glue, nails, or screws.

    Specialist Treatments . In the cases in which spikes and netting aren't effective in dealing with the bird concern, we provide a variety of effective services to control birds.

    These Include:
    . Falconry. Ariel Roof Inspections. Bird shooting. Bird trapping. Guano removal.

    Birds will become harder to remove if they've been permitted to nest on your property - mostly because of the stringent laws which control how bird eggs and nests are treated.

    As quickly as you've noticed a pest bird population beginning to pick your property, you need to get in touch with Harvey Environmental as soon as possible to prevent the issue from intensifying further.

    Commercial Pest Control Ashley Heath

    Our team at Harvey Environmental comprehend just how difficult a pest problem on a commercial properties can be, and we provide a quick and reliable response.

    Pest problems in commercial properties can cause breaches of food health policies, fret staff, and result in a substantial loss of reputation if identified by a customer.

    We recognise that treatment for pest issues in a business facility will require discreet, unobtrusive solutions - to ensure customers and staff are undisturbed.

    The team will ensure that not just is an existing pest problem is eradicated however through the use of proofing we will ensure future pest problems are avoided also.

    If you are looking for highly professional commercial Ashley Heath pest control treatments that have proven to work over years of screening then contact Harvey Environmental today and join our various pleased business consumers.

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    We'll ensure that as soon as possible a service technician is able to visit your property to carry out a fully survey and produce a bespoke plan to treat your pest control requirements.

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