Keep flies at bay this summer

Keep flies at bay this summer

For many businesses in the hospitality industry, high levels of trade during the summer months are key to the success of their business.

So, an important consideration for companies who rely on outdoor trade is keeping flies at bay without drawing customers’ attention to the issue.

The installation of front of house fly controls is essential if food and drink businesses are to keep flies away from customers enjoying the summer weather, as well as preventing them from getting into the venue.

Here in the UK house flies and fruit flies are the two most common offenders which can cause problems for businesses in the hospitality industry. House flies are drawn to damp, unsanitary areas such as bins outside restaurants whilst fruit flies are attracted to ripened or fermenting fruits and vegetables. Both have the potential to contaminate food with bacteria and other disease-producing organisms, potentially leading to customers falling ill.

But despite these risks, many business owners are reluctant to install fly units to the interior or exterior of their premises because they worry about them detracting from the appearance of the venue or suggesting to customers they have a problem with flies.

Discreet fly units designed to fit seamlessly into the décor of any restaurant, café or hotel offer a solution to this issue.

We were recently invited to work with a pub in the Lake District which was undergoing a £2 million renovation. Outdoor trade is very important to the owners but given the venue’s waterside location, flies could become a big problem during the summer months.

We suggested installing Chameleon Sirius fly units at the pub – the ideal model for front-of-house use. It is a sophisticated unit with clean curves, a choice of finish and dual wall mounting options. They don’t stand out as being fly units and so customers remain blissfully unaware of the important job they are performing.

The units look fantastic as part of the newly refurbished interior and as long as they are regularly maintained, they will ensure the venue is well protected against flies.

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