When asked what the most important aspects in the hospitality industry are, we’d be tempted to say service, quality, but mostly reputation. After all, without a fantastic reputation, your business may fail to thrive and stand out from competitors.
A good reputation can take years of hard work to build, and just one error to destroy. Something that can quickly destroy a reputation is a poor hygiene rating. Having a proper pest control scheme in place can help you keep that hygiene rating high and your reputation even higher. With hygiene ratings being available in the public domain, it doesn’t take long for word to spread before you can rectify a problem. And as we always say at Harvey, prevention is better than a cure.
If you wait until you already have a pest control problem, don’t try to tackle it yourself. Call in a professional team who have years of experience. We know exactly how to get rid of every pest in the book, and more importantly, how to prevent from them from returning. Depending on the pest you’re encountering, your business could suffer from the following problems…
Destruction to property and belongings
Mice and rats can gnaw through materials like you wouldn’t believe! Walls, floorboards, electrical wires, and more. And that’s before they’ve set up home and invited the rest! Bird droppings are acidic and can cause damage to paintwork, stone and wood – and let’s face it, it doesn’t exactly look pleasant does it?
Potential spread of diseases
It’s pretty common knowledge that pests carry diseases. Did you know they carry them on their bodies, in their bodily fluids and their droppings? These can cause misery through minor colds and infections to potentially fatal influenza and salmonella. Don’t take that risk!
Unexpected guests
No one wants to sit for a meal joined by an extra guest (pest!), or get into a hotel bed to hear the sound of scuttling around the room. Worse still – if a customer sees a pest, you can guarantee it will be on Trip Advisor within the hour.
Our advice? If you value your business and its reputation, keep it intact by getting a robust pest control plan in place. We can work to identify any potential weaknesses in your building and keep your business up and running without a hitch! Get in touch if you’d like to know more.