Are you being hit by unfair price increases?

Are you being hit by unfair price increases?

When you sign a contract with a supplier you expect that the price you’ve agreed to be the price you continue paying for throughout the life of the contract.

But, we’re increasingly hearing about washroom services suppliers who are cleaning up by using dirty tactics to get people to sign up with them. Rolling contracts with variations in how and when the contract will be automatically renewed means businesses are often finding they are being charged much more than they had initially agreed to.

“This is something we’re hearing about more and more from people enquiring about washroom services,” said Martin Harvey, managing director at Harvey Environmental Services. “Whilst many people often choose to ignore the small print of contracts, we are urging businesses to make sure they do so or potentially face the unwelcome prospect of legal action.

“Some businesses we have heard from have not only been charged more than they had agreed to and received appalling customer service, they have also been threatened with legal action for breach of contract if they dispute their price increases.

“This often comes to light when a bigger company takes over a small, family run business which has happily been servicing its customers at a fair price for a number of years. When the new, bigger player takes over the terms of the contract, we are finding they sometimes implement aggressive and long term price increases which the customers were not expecting, as well as delivering a poorer service.

“We believe it’s really important for washroom services customers to take the time to properly read any contract before they sign it and understand exactly what they are agreeing too, both in the short and long-term. For us, operating with true clarity for our customers is vital. All of our contracts are based on 12-month terms and we always turn up to scheduled appointments and maintain our outstanding level of service.”

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