Get us involved; it’s worth it.

Get us involved; it’s worth it.

Here’s a question for you…when carrying out a new build or refurbishment project, at what point do you engage with a pest controller?

a) Right from the outset

b) When works are nearly complete

c) When the premises are ready to open

You can guess what we’re going to say is the right answer can’t you?

We’re currently working with clients undergoing refurbishments of their restaurants and they took our advice to keep us in the loop every step of the way.

Why? There are a number of reasons. First, we can keep a close eye on any existing pest issues which may well be exacerbated by any digging or fundamental changes to the premises.

Secondly, we can advise of pest controls measures which can be put in place right from the outset.

For example, is there is a way to remove the beautiful marble worktops which link together perfectly if we need to, or is it a case of ‘once they’re in, they’re in’.

And the cook line planned for the new, state of the art open plan kitchen…is that on wheels so it can be pulled out for a deep clean?

We take a professional and long-term view to pest control management in these situations. Taking time to understand the workings of the site and where potential issues may lie, we can help our clients get things right from the start. Yes, we could make more money further down the line if they get it wrong, but really, we’re not in that game.

We understand the pressures the contractors are under to get the site ready for launch on the agreed date, so let us help where we have the expertise.

Get us involved from the outset, let us help. Let us come back during the build to ensure the contractor is meeting your needs for cook lines on wheels and removal worktops, as once they’ve handed over to you, it becomes your responsibility.

By taking such positive steps from the outset, we’re certain you’ll have less negative issues in the future.

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