Flying high to tackle pests

Flying high to tackle pests

Pests are well known for seeking out hard to reach spaces to nest in, but innovative new technologies are making it easier for us to find them and prevent them from causing problems.

Drones are proving a particularly useful tool in the armoury of pest controllers when it comes to dealing with pests of the flying variety.

Historically, if we wanted to investigate the damage pigeons were causing to the roofs of properties, we would have had to install access platforms to get a good view. This is time consuming and costly. Now, we are effectively using drones as a method of pigeon control, allowing us to quickly obtain a complete overview of a roof to see what the issues are.

Using drones to carry out these investigations not only improves the safety of our staff and saves our clients time and money, it also allows us to take some fantastic images of the property from above.

We are able to use drones on buildings up to 400 feet high to detect where pigeons, and other avian pests such as seagulls, are nesting. The images we take are immediately processed on smartphones or tablets so that we can get to work on dealing with the problem before further damage is caused.

Whilst some people have expressed concern over the safety of unmanned drones being flown and their privacy in regards to the images they can capture, we are in no doubt that they have a very important role to play in the pest control industry and are looking forward to seeing how further technological advances will help them to deliver more benefits to us.

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