WASP: (Vespula spp.)

12 to 15mm


Black head and thorax with black and yellow patterning on abdomen.


Nests found in loft spaces, wall cavities (via air bricks) bird boxes, disused rabbit warrens or rat burrows. Forage up to 4 miles from nest for food

Likely Found:

The vast majority of wasps are solitary insects, however the nuisance species in the UK (Vespa Vulgaris) is a social wasp and form nests with large numbers. A serious pest in late summer when worker wasps search for sugary foods. Stings can cause anaphylactic shock.


Queen wasps come out from hibernation in Spring, searches for pollen rich flowers/crops, lays eggs and builds a colony of up to 100 bees. Most of these are females, males only appear towards the end of the season for mating purposes

Control Measures:

Leave alone unless causing danger/nuisance. Locate nest and treat with insecticidal dusts or vapours

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