5 to 15mm


Smaller and slim appearance, more like a wasp. Usually oval-shaped creatures with golden-yellow colors and brown/black bands.


Honey bees will swarm to find a new home and when they do they are generally in a good mood as they have gorged themselves on honey! Don’t panic, and leave them alone. If they are causing a nuisance or a safety hazard, the police hold contact details of Beekeepers who can remove the swarm.

Likely Found:

Honey bees are the highest form of insect life and live in a well organised colony. Typical population is 40,000 bees. The honey is produced and stored in a wax comb to feed the grubs.


One queen lays all the eggs and the sterile female workers go out and gather the pollen to feed the queen. The sterile females outnumber the fertile males (drones) normally tenfold.

Control Measures:

Whilst Honey Bees are NOT protected we strongly advise that they are left alone. They are very beneficial insects and are vital pollinators.

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