Common House Fly

Common House Fly

COMMON HOUSE FLY: (Musca domestica)

8 to 12mm


Grey thorax with four dark stripes running lengthways along the body. Sides of abdomen are yellowish and may be transparent. A dark band covers the final abdomen section.


Kitchens, waste disposal areas, drainage gulley’s, roof gutters and bird droppings.

Likely Found:

Adult fly feeds on liquid or semi liquid material (faeces, human food, food waste) that has been softened by saliva. Carry numerous pathogens – Typhoid, Cholera and Salmonellosis to name but a few! They land constantly in comparison to the Lesser House Fly.


Female lays approx. 100 eggs at a time and 500 over her lifetime – adult fly lives for 2-4 weeks but can hibernate over winter.

Control Measures:

Stringent hygiene measures internally and externally. Fly screens on windows and doors. Ultra violet fly control units. Space treatment with insecticidal fog and/or localised treatment of breeding/alighting sites with residual insecticides.

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