Up to 30mm


Black with a dirty/golden yellow collar near the head and one on the abdomen. The queen’s tail is an off white/buff colour which can sometimes appear orange. The workers have a white tail with a subtle buff line.


Widespread, often found in grassland, woodland, towns and gardens but generally absent from upland areas and particularly moorland.

Likely Found:

Bumble Bees do not swarm and are not aggressive. Only females can sting and they will only do so if severely provoked. They mostly nest in disused rodent burrows and occasionally compost heaps in gardens.


The Queen emerges in Spring, searches for pollen rich flowers/crops, lays eggs and builds a colony of up to 400 bees. Most of these are females, males only appear towards the end of the season for mating purposes.

Control Measures:

Leave alone if at all possible. If causing a human hazard these bees can be killed with insecticides but control is not easy due to the structure of their colonies.

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