Blowfly (Bluebottle)

Blowfly (Bluebottle)

Blowfly (Bluebottle): (Calliphora spp.)

10 to 12mm


Thorax and abdomen black/blue in colour and often with a metallic appearance. Wingspan 18-20mm.


Attracted to rotting flesh – they seek out carcasses, commonly birds, rodents and other small mammals. Will also feed on animal and human excrement.

Likely Found:

Will sense a corpse from up to 1km away – move in to lay eggs on the corpse within minutes of death.


Female lays eggs in batches of 200 – and will lay up to 2000 in her lifetime of 4-5 weeks.

Control Measures:

Find and remove breeding site (carcass), Treat breeding site with residual insecticide, Fly screens on windows and doors, ultra violet fly control units.

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