Five of the most common pests

Five of the most common pests

Five of the most common pests…

Pests! They come in all shapes and forms and depending on where you are in the world can be troublesome, annoying or even deadly. We see all different kinds of pests when out and about and here are five of the most common.


Rats can cause serious infestations. A natural survivor, rats breed extremely fast and are carriers of many dangerous diseases. A bite or scratch from a rat can cause serious illness in humans and animals. The largest group of mammals in the world, theorists believe that you’re never more than 50m away from a rat. No distance at all. For businesses, rats prove a huge health hazard as they eat and spoil foods and spread diseases.


Even worse than a rat? A mouse! A lot smaller in size, this rodent needs less food and water to survive and reproduces even quicker than rats meaning they can populate a space very quickly. Mice also carry more diseases, including in their fur which unlike rats who groom themselves, they leave dirty. This gives them a greasy protective layer that helps them squeeze through narrow spaces. It’s essential that if you have even one mouse that you call in a pest controller like us. We can quickly get rid of the problem in a humane way and put steps in place to prevent any more mice appearing!


Birds are a nuisance for any workplace – especially pigeons! Not only are they unsightly, they can cost a lot of money as they are capable of destroying buildings and spreading disease through their fouling. Add into the mix feathers and nests and you can also be looking at blocked gutters and chimneys – a maintenance nightmare! What’s more, customers often don’t want to be entering a premises surrounded by birds – especially if it’s a food environment. Harvey Environmental are highly experienced in providing effective bird deterrent solutions and can also solve any existing bird issues.


Cockroaches carry many diseases including salmonella, dysentery and gastro-enteritis so finding just one in your business is a huge cause for concern – especially if you work with good. With tough exteriors, an ability to breed rapidly and a significant health risk, cockroach issues need to be tackled immediately. Only expert products and treatments are powerful enough to eliminate them. Cockroaches are also often brought in through deliveries, so vigilance is essential!

Flying Insects

Not only are they unwelcome and distracting, flying insects also bring germs and nasty diseases that can be catastrophic especially for food environments. Insects must not come into contact with food at any stage and if they did, you could lose your reputation, your hygiene rating or worse face a hefty fine and be closed down.

Thankfully though, despite their large numbers and fast breeding cycle, flies can easily be dealt with. We can offer expert advice and solutions from fly units to fly screens.

If you’re concerned about pest control and want expert, no nonsense advice on how to prevent pests or tackle them, get in touch with us today.

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