EN16636 – it’s getting serious

EN16636 – it’s getting serious

Word on the street is that some huge retailers may only choose to work with companies who have the EN16636 standard in the near future.

We have long been ambassadors of this European standard for the pest management industry, which was developed to professionalise the pest management sector and to protect clients, public health and the environment.

It makes sense that we, and other pest controllers should support this standard, doesn’t it?

We last year celebrated our successful reaccreditation of a nationwide pest control standard, having been the first company in Lancashire and only the 17th in the UK, to receive the EN16636 standard in the previous year.

The EN16636 requires businesses like ours to prove our ability and knowledge as pest control specialists, specifically seeking us to demonstrate quality and best practice throughout.

Anyone who works with us knows that we have no issue with proving our worth nor being completely transparent about our offer. We pride ourselves on the client-led service offered and do everything we can to ensure their compliance at all times.

And so, it comes as good news to us that it seems that the big boys are starting to recognise the value in working with EN16636 accredited pest controllers; and the even better news is that we were there at the start!

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