Don’t ignore pigeon poo

Don’t ignore pigeon poo

Pigeons are a nuisance and can often cause damage to buildings and spread disease – not to mention the mess they make which is unsightly for both business and customer.

But there’s a bigger problem facing businesses – and that’s the potential cost of their mess!

Pigeon droppings are a health hazard and according to an article by the BBC, National Rail have just paid £27,000 to a commuter who ‘probably slipped on pigeon poo’ at London’s Paddington station.

Note the word probably, yet still, a huge payout.

Add to that bird debris such as feathers and nesting materials blocking gutters and damaging roofs and pigeons quickly become too costly a problem to ignore.

Any public facing business, whether a shopping centre, restaurant, bar, shop or office, needs to ensure pigeons are dealt with in order to keep both customers and employees safe and avoid any unwanted fines which could come from an accident involving pigeon poo.

The problem is, pigeons are loyal to their nesting sites and can often be found on ledges, balconies, roofs and on external air conditioning units and the longer they’re there, the harder it is to get rid of them.

That’s where Harvey Environmental can help. We’re experts in dealing with the removal of pigeons or other birds contaminating your business and can help you put measures in place to discourage them from making your premises their home in the future.

Everything we do is under the guidance of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. So, if you have a pigeon problem speak to us today because, as Northern Rail found out, it can be a costly problem to ignore.

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