Debbies on tour!

Debbies on tour!

The ‘two Debbies’ crossed the Lancashire boundaries this month to head down south and share best practice with a close working partner of Harvey Environmental.

Office staff Debbie Wilkinson and Deborah Wood took a two-day trip to London to visit Beaver Pest Control, a loyal contractor to Harvey who are well up-to-speed on technical advances in the sector.

Martin Harvey said: “It’s always good to appreciate what someone else does well and learn from it and Beaver are extremely good at reducing unnecessary paperwork by instead relying on new technologies.

“Paperwork is the bane of the two Debbies’ life, but also of our Service management team and so we thought it worthwhile to send them down to Beaver to see what they felt could be in brought back up North and potentially implemented within our own business.”

Deborah Wood said: “It was a really worthwhile trip for Debbie and I, as it was good to see how others do things and compare with how we do them here at Harvey.

“I think we offered as many tips as they did, so I would say that all round it proved a success.”

We asked them for their sight-seeing shots but said they said they didn’t have any time for that. Hmmmmm…

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