BRC accredited? Are you ready to be audited?

BRC accredited? Are you ready to be audited?

The Christmas rush is over for those in the retail industry but rather than entering a period of relaxation, thoughts are now turning to audit season.

A high percentage of British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety audits take place between February and May and so now is the time to make sure all of your factory environmental standards and process and personnel documentation are up-to-date.

Our methods of documenting our pest prevention and action approach fully comply with the BRC’s auditing standards and very importantly document the teamwork between ourselves and our customer (something that auditors are always looking for). We have an established record of using our system with BRC accredited companies to ensure they meet the high pest control standards demanded in the annual audit.

“Our Advanced Pest Control System was designed with the help of a well-renowned BRC auditing company and is often highly praised by industry auditors,” said Martin Harvey.

“As part of our innovative system, a specialist industry inspector will carry out technical inspections of your facilities and present you with an immediate report via a tablet computer – this not only prevents you from waiting weeks for feedback, it gives you the perfect platform to discuss any actions in person with the inspector and implement a plan to rectify them quickly.”

Contact us today on 01282 866554 or email to ensure your pest control measures don’t let you down in your annual BRC audit.

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