Is bigger always better?

Is bigger always better?

Rumours which have been circulating in the pest control industry for a number of weeks that Rentokil Initial have purchased Cannon Pest Control have now been confirmed.

The acquisition means Rentokil now has a huge client portfolio both in the UK and abroad, but questions are being asked in the UK pest management sector about whether the move is good for the industry or not.

With staff having to get used to a new management regime and customers’ accounts being transferred to a new company, there is likely to be a period of uncertainty for those affected by the acquisition.

Whilst it can be appealing to employ the services of one of the industry’s most powerful names, for many businesses there are benefits to be found in working with a pest control team which offers a more personal touch.

Here at Harvey Environmental Services we feel it is very important to fully understand the needs of each client and we get to know them face-to-face. Whether they are in Cornwall or the Highlands of Scotland, we offer all clients an initial free survey and schedule regular site visits with them to gain vital information about their business and the services required – there is no one size fits all solution from us.

MD Martin Harvey also pays regular visits to clients to make sure they are happy with the service they are receiving and what they feel might be improved on through additional service support or products. This personal one-to-one relationship is not often found in today’s technology driven society and is a key reason many clients prefer working with a smaller, independent business like ours.

To find out more about how Harvey Environmental Services could offer a unique solution to your pest control needs, please contact us on 01282 866554 or email



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