Beware of uninvited Christmas guests

Beware of uninvited Christmas guests

‘Tis the season…. for families to make the annual trip into the loft or a forgotten about corner of the garage to retrieve Christmas trees and decorations, often to find they are in a poor state because of damp conditions and even, possibly, rodents!

But it’s not only family homes which get trimmed up over the festive period, for commercial businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry, it’s also a chance to make their premises stand out from the competition. Like homeowners, when businesses enter areas of storage rooms they have often not looked at for 12 months, they can be surprised by what they find.

“Storage facilities, lofts and garages are often forgotten about until someone needs to get something out,” said Martin Harvey, managing director of Harvey Environmental Services. “It’s essential that before Christmas decorations and other items which are only used once a year are put away, the storage area is checked for damp and any potential entry points for rodents, which may be looking to escape the cold January weather.

“Rats can get through gaps as small as 2cm and often use plumbing pipes or gaps in the eaves or roof edges to enter a building – remaining hidden until you next enter the storage space, or they chew through wood or electrical wires, leading to an expensive problem to fix and a potential fire hazard.

“Outdoor storage spaces such as sheds and garages are also welcoming to pests, particularly if they are located close to potential nesting sites such as trees and bushes or if they are near to bins which haven’t been emptied for a few days. It’s important that doors and windows are properly secured and that drain covers are well maintained.”

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