5 ways to prepare your business for winter pests

prepare your business for winter pests

Each new season brings its own set of pest challenges, especially for facilities dealing with foods. In our latest blog we consider the pests businesses need to be mindful of in winter months and offer tips as to how you can leave them out in the cold. What types of pests can you expect in […]

Building pest control into your construction and renovation projects

Pest Control In Construction Projects

Building new, or refurbishing existing premises is an exciting time, but it can also attract unwanted visitors. If you fail to be mindful of pests during each stage of your build/renovation works, you are potentially setting yourself up for problems at a later date. Which is why it is imperative to make pest management a […]

Embracing Digital Innovation in Pest Control: The Power of Sensor Technology and AI

The pest control industry has long been rooted in traditional methods and tools, with seasoned professionals like us relying on keen observation and experience to tackle unwelcome pest intruders. However, with the rise of digital advancements, particularly in sensor technology and artificial intelligence (AI), the industry is on the cusp of a remarkable transformation to […]

Keep pests at bay this summer

Summer pests | Harvey Environmental | Summer Flies

It’s officially summer. While we, like everyone else, are fully embracing the sunny days and balmy evenings, so too are a range of pests, all primed and ready to create havoc within your establishment…if you let them. Summer is a key trading period for all businesses within the hospitality sectors, with thirsty drinkers enjoy an […]

LED Fly Control Units: Why it might be Time to Make the Change

Electric fly control units are one of the most widely used and reliable devices for protecting food businesses from the nuisance and hygiene threats of flies and other winged insects. LED alternatives to the traditional units are really starting to make their mark in the sector. In this blog, we’ll take you through some of […]

Wasps and Bees: Understanding Their Role and How to Deal with Them

how to handle wasps and bees

Wasps and bees are commonly found in many parts of the world, and we get more than our fair share of both in the UK. Although they look similar, they have distinct characteristics and behaviours, meaning we must approach them differently. As a general rule of thumb, our advice is to leave them both alone […]

The Cost of Ignoring Common Food Pests in Restaurants and Food Retailers

The Cost of Ignoring Common Food Pests in Restaurants and Food Retailers

‘Pest’ is a broad term for any type of organism that can be detrimental to human health or property, and generally includes insects such as ants, cockroaches, and flies, and rodents like mice and rats. Especially for businesses that prepare or sell food and drink to the public, they are a problem that, if not […]

Spring pests: Identifying and preventing common pests in food handling environments in spring

As the bitter grip of the winter months begins to slacken, businesses operating in food handling environments will be among those welcoming the warmer temperatures with caution. As the mercury rises, so too does the prevalence of pests. Aside from damaging the structural integrity of buildings, spreading diseases, and destroying produce, an uncontrolled pest infestation […]