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19 06, 2018

5 ways to get on top of your flying insect problem…


Flying insect issues are one of the top issues in pest control – and we've definitely all experienced them. They cause a number of issues, from a physical contamination risk with food to being downright unsightly. Here's our 5 top tips to get on top of your flying insect problem: 1. Shut them out! Screening doors and windows in food preparation areas is essential. Ensure the mesh is at least 1.5mm in size to keep all of those pesky flying insects out. 2. Electric fly killers are one of the most popular ways to combat this issue. They coax in [...]

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19 06, 2018

Pest Control Documentation – A Secret Weapon


As an esteemed pest control company operating throughout the UK, we're up to scratch with the do's and don'ts of documentation. If you use, or have used a pest control company in the past, you'll be well aware of your onsite folder, usually supplied to customers once a contract is agreed. A paper trail is undoubtedly needed to prove a company is well on top of their pest control matters. Here's a list of FIVE things you should be able to find within your onsite folder; 1. A copy of work agreed with your pest control contractor, including what services [...]

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19 06, 2018

More than you bargained for…


When thinking of pest control, you'd probably think of restaurants, eateries and takeaways first. But what about those shopping centres and retail parks? Yes, they need pest control too. At risk of jeopardising the reputation of high street stores and entertainment complexes, these pests are the best example of why prevention is better than a cure.  Urban pests have found their ideal habitat in retail complexes today. Individual shop units with lots of nooks and crannies, connected by a network of heating, electricity and water services. Throw into the mix food outlets, continual warmth throughout the year and a constant [...]

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8 05, 2018

Left scratching your head as to where pests are coming from?


Your premises are immaculate and hygiene ratings five-star; but then you get an infestation of pests. Why? Below are FIVE reasons why you might be at risk: Location Whether you’re situated in a leafy suburb or at the heart of the city, pests are all around. This is particularly so if any building works are going on around you, as the pests have been displaced from their safe havens. Supply chain Deliveries to your hotel or restaurant will likely happen every day, from various suppliers; how do you know they don’t come with any hidden extras? Moths, fruit flies, bed [...]

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8 05, 2018



Whenever we post stories about restaurants which have been fined or closed down because of poor hygiene standards on our social channels the general feedback is ‘eurgh’. We agree that this five-letter exclamation of disgust, pretty much sums it up; particularly for anyone who has actually eaten at that restaurant themselves in the past. Eurgh! When it comes to food there can absolutely be no margin for error when it comes to pest control. Failure to prevent or tackle pests on your premises can lead to customer illness, a bad reputation and potential closure. So, what can restauranteurs do to [...]

6 04, 2018

Do I need a site survey?


We’re amazed by the number of pest controllers offering a price for their service over the phone or by email. To us, it’s like pricing for a house to be decorated without looking at the rooms. It is impossible to give a true price for a job likes ours without figuring out what we’re dealing with first; yet so many seem to do it. We insist on an initial site survey before taking on any client. It is not only vital for us to familiarise ourselves with the premises a client is seeking our expertise on, but also to ensure [...]

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6 04, 2018

Putting pest control top of your priorities


When opening a new bar or restaurant, it’s very easy to get carried away with its look and feel, well, that’s the exciting part isn’t it? Mundane paperwork often comes bottom on the list of priorities, when in reality it should be at least on a par with the front of house fixtures and fittings. In the mix of that paperwork is pest control, not glamorous, we’ll admit, but it is absolutely critical to the future success of your eatery. Having an effective pest control plan in place is essential to keep unwanted guests out of your premises and preventing [...]

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13 03, 2018

Row, row, row your…rower?


Our managing director Martin Harvey led his team to rowing victory in a fundraising challenge at Blackburn Rugby Union Football Club. The event was held to raise money for the Under 16s tour of Canada this year and local businesses were asked to lend their support. Participating under the name ‘Harvey's Heavies’ the team of Under 16 players pipped their competitors, sponsored by TWJ, to the post. Or perhaps that should be port, as the challenge was to row the equivalent width of the English Channel. A true test of teamwork, the players took it in turns to row sections [...]

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27 02, 2018

We’re watching you 24/7


We’re always striving to increase our offer to customers, which is why we have introduced infra-red technology to our offer. It makes perfect sense when you think about it; a lot of pests are most active at night when no one is around to disturb them, so why not try catch them in the act? Infra-red cameras are designed to see surface-level infrared radiation – radiation that we feel as heat and which comes from objects emitting heat, such as pests. These cameras are very sensitive and can locate heat sources that no one would otherwise notice. It means we can gather [...]

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27 02, 2018

Technology at its finest


With a world of technology at our fingertips we’d be fools not to use it. Now don’t get us wrong; we’re a people business and we don’t think anything can beat a familiar, trusted face turning up at your door. But as a stickler for accurate and up-to-date paperwork at all times, the manual process of relaying this information back to the office is often time-consuming and is open to human error. This is where technology comes into its own. Smart mobile data-capture devices enable us, as pest control professionals, to capture real-time data about the location and nature of [...]

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