A digital revolution for Harvey

A digital revolution for Harvey

The days of manual inputting data have come to an end for the Harvey Environmental service team.

The company has invested in advanced digital software and touch screen mobile devices in order to streamline processes for customers and internal staff alike.

The decision to make the shift from manual to digital was made following recent visits to partner companies who already use this technology in their everyday work.

Deborah Wood and Debbie Wilkinson, who share the administrative work in the office agreed that this would be a beneficial move; cutting down on unnecessary paperwork and streamlining processes.

Martin Harvey said: “It just makes perfect sense for us as a business. The technology is fantastic and we know it works as it is used by some other 30+ pest control businesses across the country.

“We were spending a lot of time duplicating unnecessary paperwork, so this will improve internal efficiencies no end.

“The service team will input information directly on to their handheld device, get the customer signature, click send and that information will be recorded on our central system and the customer will receive a summary of the visit by email within the hour.

“We can use the technology to book follow up visits, flag up any areas of concern and manage multi-site operations effectively; the positives are endless and we can’t wait to get started.”

Final demos are now taking place before the system is rolled out to the full team

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