With a world of technology at our fingertips we’d be fools not to use it.

Now don’t get us wrong; we’re a people business and we don’t think anything can beat a familiar, trusted face turning up at your door.

But as a stickler for accurate and up-to-date paperwork at all times, the manual process of relaying this information back to the office is often time-consuming and is open to human error.

This is where technology comes into its own.

Smart mobile data-capture devices enable us, as pest control professionals, to capture real-time data about the location and nature of pest problems and store it in a central database which the client and us can access.

In turn, this enables timely corrective actions and more targeted pest-control treatments.

Add to this the ability for clients themselves to be able to video in real-time and to take photographic evidence, information can be relayed directly to us for instant diagnosis and corrective action recommendations.

In reverse, we can use video to record and narrate inspections and leave a copy for the client via email, or conduct a real-time video co-inspection with the customer if they are not able to be present at their facility during the inspection.